Health Information

Harper School Nurse


Stefanie Klein, RN
Harper Safe Phone:  (847) 251-6754, then press 1
Health Office:  (847) 251-6754 x6202

General Information

Attendance and Safe Phone:

The health office is responsible for ensuring that all students are accounted for each day.  It is the parent’s responsibility to call the safe phone and leave a message when their child will not be in school. If you know your child will be out for an upcoming appointment or vacation, you may call ahead of time and notify the Health Office.  It is not the responsibility of the classroom teacher to notify the Health Office of your child’s absence.  The safe phone may be accessed 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

Harper Safe Phone:  847-251-6754, then press 1

Heath Guidelines:

In order to provide a healthy school environment, parents are requested to keep any child at home who is not feeling well.  Please notify the Health Office if your child has any communicable disease (Chicken Pox, Strep throat, Scarlet Fever, Mumps, Fifth’s Disease, Pink Eye, Pertussis, etc.) or any illness with diarrhea. 

Most communicable diseases require antibiotics. With the exception of pertussis, students must be on antibiotics for 24 hours before returning to school, or until cleared by a physician.  Students should not return to school following an illness until they have been fever-free without the use of medication, vomiting, or diarrhea for at least 24 hours, or until the doctor has provided medical clearance.

Head lice is not a disease; it is a nuisance.  District #39 has a “no-Nit” policy; students need to stay at home until they are nit-free.  Please notify the health office if your child has head lice. 

Emergency Cards:

Please remember to visit the district's website to update your child's Emergency Card information.  The emergency card is our only source of cell phone numbers, and names of alternative adults who are authorized to pick up a sick child, so it is crucial that the numbers are kept up to date.  I am here to help if your child has any special medical needs. Please call or stop in if I can be of assistance.


Medications which are necessary to maintain the child in school can be given during school hours.  A medication authorization form must be completed for all medication (physician-prescribed & over-the-counter medications).  Medication must be in its original packaging.   Epi-pens and inhalers are the only two medications that students may carry on their person.  All other medication taken at school must be kept in the health office and administered by school personnel.

Vision and Hearing

All students in District 39 are screened for vision and hearing acuity.  Parents are notified only if a problem is detected.

Heath Requirements

Physical Health Examination Form: required for entrance into Kindergarten and 6th grade, and any student new to Illinois schools.  Must be submitted by October 15th of that year or student WILL BE excluded.

Dental Examination Form: required for grades K, 2nd, and 6th, and any student new to Illinois schools.  Must be submitted by May 15th of that year.

Eye Examination Formrequired for entrance into Kindergarten, and any student new to Illinois schools.

Hepatitis B vaccine series: required for preschool and 5th grade.

Cold vs. Flu

Are you having trouble telling if your child's illness is a cold (upper respiratory infection) or the flu (influenza)? Both are causes by viruses but often present with different symptoms.

Symptoms Cold Flu
Onset? Slow Sudden
Fever? Rare 100˚-104˚
Exhausted? Mild Usually at the start
Headache? Rare Common
Appetite? Normal Decreased
Muscle Aches? None to Slight Common
Chills? Rare Common
Stuffy/runny nose? Common Sometimes
Sore throat? Common Common

If your child is exhibiting flu-like symptoms, he/she should stay home from school. This will also help decrease the spread of illness to other children and staff, especially those who may have a chronic health condition. Students may return to school once symptoms have resolved and have been fever-free for 24 hours WITHOUT using medication to bring the fever down. Please remember to call the Safe Phone to notify us of your child's absence.

Remember the Three C's

Clean--wash your hands frequently
Cover--cough/sneeze into a tissue or into your elbow. Remember to wash your hands after using a tissue.
Contain--contain germs. If you are sick, stay home. If you are well, avoid being around people who are ill.

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